Furniture & product sourcing 
Looking for a MCM dining table to fit a certain space or a vintage Danish bar cart to enhance your entertaining? Renew will scout for you to help you find just the right item for your home or office environment.

Original artwork
There’s art for art’s sake and there’s art for your sake! Renew will work with you to source artwork from local artists that fit your color palette and size requirements. We also are a resource for collectors who are looking to add notable works in different mediums to their collections.

At Renew, we're always ready for our close-up!
Prop rentals
Renew has a history of providing props to production companies, photographers, and artists to create custom environments and special scenes. 

The feature film “Labor Day” sourced many props from Renew. Authentic mid-century pieces were selected for scenes set in the 1960’s and original artworks from local artists were used to stage contemporary scenes.

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