At the heart of Renew is a love for mid-century modern. 
Yet, we believe in transitional design – a carefully curated selection of furnishings and artwork that collectively create a signature statement. This means that you don’t have to commit to only one style of furniture, décor or art. A mid-century cocktail table with clean lines and warm wood can partner perfectly with a more traditional upholstered piece. 

The objects you live with, whether functional or decorative, should comfort and inspire you. Mix it up! Blend mid-century modern into your life and create your own personal style. At Renew, you’ll find vintage mid-century items, as well as contemporary original art, and newly designed products from today’s marketplace. 

Please browse our collections for a peek at some of the items available at Renew. Our on-line shopping is coming soon. In the meantime, if you wish to purchase an item please call or e-mail and it can be yours!

19 South Main St, Natick, MA 01760  508.318.4892

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